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Coping with COVID-19

Daniela DiGiacomo, Student Voice Team

For this week, our team’s focus has been on the election and showing up for each other and being supports for each other at this historic political moment.

There was a FB Live event on Kentucky Teachers in the Know featuring lots of ed influencers including Commissioner Jason Glass, KY Board of Ed Chair Lu Young, and our own @aebrennen among others. Sen Max Wise just gave a big shoutout to the SVT’s Coping with COVID survey saying it was “very good, very insightful” in underscoring the needs for mental health. Then head of the Kentucky School Boards Association, Eric Kennedy chimed in about how great the SVT’s student-led town halls were.

The Student Voice Team continues to share out publicly around Kentucky about the Coping with Covid study, and continues to analyze more recent data from the peer to peer interviews.

The major obstacle is that folks are tired and there’s not enough time or space to process what many students are feeling.