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Detailed Goals


Support organizations that can meaningfully partner, mentor and involve young people over the summer in responding to local community needs in one of two areas: responding to COVID-19 and/or building civic capacities for the 2020 election cycle.


By so doing, support the development of young people’s civic knowledge, skills, and/or dispositions through “learning and doing” summer initiatives or programs.​


Measure effectiveness of implementation strategies and program impact on multiple levels, including but not limited to a) the youth involved, b) participating organizations and c) institutions and communities served.


Build communities of practice, with strong youth participation, across all grantee participants to capture and share lessons learned, through facilitated social exchanges among diverse youth participants.


Use summertime to catalyze effective civic learning efforts across a broad set of relevant actors including, but not limited to, community and nonprofit organizations, governmental agencies, businesses, after-school, K-12, higher learning and religious institutions, as well as online networks.


Seek to provide all young people with the ability to connect with others across a wide range of socioeconomic and racial backgrounds to increase understanding and social cohesion, and expand networks, especially those from marginalized populations.