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Lexington, KY

Project Synopsis

The “Coping with COVID Student-to-Student Study” is a student-driven initiative launched in the wake of statewide school closures to understand Kentucky students’ social-emotional and learning experiences during the first months of the COVID-19 crisis and integrate student voices into the broader discourse around education policy, practice, and decision-making.

This study is being led by approximately 100 secondary school students who make up the Prichard Committee Student Voice Team in partnership with adult researchers from the University of Kentucky. It consists of a quantitative analysis of the nearly 13,000 students from all of Kentucky’s 120 counties who responded to a student-designed survey and 50 peer-to-peer interviews with students representing the diversity of the state. The results and recommendations will be presented to the Kentucky Board of Education this August, and additional analysis, as well as the story behind how citizen student researchers conducted it, will be shared with other students, educators, education advocates, and policymakers, to help inform Kentucky’s response to diverse education needs through and beyond the COVID-19 crisis.

In being intentional about amplifying and elevating the students who are least heard and most marginalized in Kentucky’s school system and in designing ways to support more young people to participate in decisions around school policy and action, the intergenerational team aims to inspire a more equitable new normal, in which students are not seen as passive consumers of their education but as active partners in creating it.

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The Lexington, KY Team