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Prichard Committee Student Voice Team/Coping with COVID-19 Study

Students head back to school but that doesn’t slow down the team’s work

This week we have continued to conduct interviews among participants of the survey. We are getting through this second phase of our study in an organized and swift fashion. After an interview is completed, scripts are being transcribed and authenticated. Since conducting interviews is more of an independent process we are a bit more independent this week but there has still been ongoing communication and collaboration. This is extremely exciting because we have been looking forward to and planning for the interview process for months! It’s also been extremely exciting to see how interviews have gone so far and get ready for our next journey of analyzing interviews!

For many of our SVT members, school began this week or the past week. There is no doubt that many of our SVT members are now busier than they were throughout the summer but a true testament of our teamwork was seeing the maintained collaboration despite school starting. Slack channels are still active, we continue to make time for meetings, and we are staying connected as we navigate the interview process. Many of us are also growing as individuals when we learn how to conduct a formal interview. We have been supported by adult allies, quant and qual leads and more as we discussed doing interviews and now we are able to use the skills we have practiced these past few months.