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Andrew Brennen

“Through its bold and inclusive approach, The Civic Spring Project urges us to expand our understanding of where civic learning actually takes place for young people. Honoring the role that community non-profits, churches, and youth-run organizations play in a young person’s civic development—The Civic Spring Project aims to bring new voices to the table in pursuit of our shared goal of strengthening our nation’s civic infrastructure.”

Andrew Brennen, Taskforce Member; National Geographic Education Fellow

Merrit Jones

“The Civic Spring Project is attempting to do something rarely seen in the civic space by bringing together those who apply into a community of practice that is driven in partnership with young people. This type of partnership between students and adult allies is needed at this moment as we co-create new possibilities for civic action.”

Merrit Jones, Taskforce Member, President of Student Voice

Raj Vinnakota

“The idea behind the Civic Spring Project is to match a significant summer need – communities seeking to respond to their immediate challenges – with a tremendous asset – young people seeking action, purpose and agency. Developed and executed in partnership with local institutions and civic organizations, these responses to local issues allow young people to civically engage and allow us to understand the different ways that civic learning takes place.”

Raj Vinnakota, President, WW National Fellowship Foundation